# Region Age Group Registration ($)* Transport ($) Accommodation & Dinner ($)
1 Eastern and Southern Africa Adolescent 15 - 19 years 50 Paid for directly Paid for directly (check “Hotels” under “OTHER INFORMATION”
AYP 20 - 24 years 75
AYP 25 - 29 years 100
Delegates ≥30 years 300
2 Other African Counties (outside ESA) Adolescent 15 - 19 years 75
AYP 20 - 24 years 100
AYP 25 - 29 years 150
Delegates ≥30 years 350
7 International (outside ESA) All ages 500


  •   Shared public transport for AYP from Eastern Africa can be arranged with contracted bus companies. If interested, please contact the Conference Secretariat for cost and terms.
  •   ** Registration covers conference package, including lunch, teas/snacks and water, airport transfers, and daily transport from hotels to conference venue and back.
  •   Registration fee will be waived for AYP <30 years whose abstracts or concept proposals are selected for presentation.
  •   ** An AYP-dedicated on-site medical camp will run concurrently with the conference to provide information and selected services on reproductive health.
  •   At the pre-conference, AYP will me mentored on skills for making presentations
Appeal to organizations

We urge you to consider directly sponsoring young delegates to the conference by paying fare, accommodation and meals. You will still need to pay registrations fee and $50 to cater for chaperone/baby minder services and for transport between the hotel and the venue (for purposes of safety, all AYP attending the conference regardless of how they are sponsored, will be picked up and dropped off by conference buses as a group). The unit cost of sponsoring a young delegate is in the table above:

Satellite sessions

US$ 2,000 for a 60-min session; US$3,500 for a 120-min session, inclusive of registration for 1 person who will have access to sessions and day conference package (lunch and 2 teas/snacks) for the duration of the conference.

Booths for display of products

US$ 3,000 non-commercial; US$ 6,000 commercial (inclusive of registration for 1 person, access to sessions, and day conference package (lunch and 2 teas/snacks) for the duration of the conference). Space only (no booth) US$ 1,000, exclusive of registration and conference package.