Delegates from Eastern Africa AYP from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda will use hired buses to Kisumu. Pickups will be from major towns plied by either Modern Coast or Easy Coach bus companies. Accommodation will be provided both ways for delegates from Tanzania and Rwanda.

Airlines The official RHAY Conference carrier is Kenya Airways ( On arrival days (June 14 and 15) and closing days (June 19 and 20), the airline will fly Nairobi-Kisumu-Nairobi 4 times a day. Other airlines with 2-3 daily flights between Nairobi and Kisumu are: Jambo Jet, 3 flights (; Fly 540, 2 flights (; Silverstone, 2 flights ( If needed, more flight will be arranged with the airlines.

Immigration Citizens of Eastern and Southern African counties do not need a visa to come to Kenya; however, a valid passport and a valid card indicating immunization against yellow fever are needed at entry into the country. Citizens of Europe and United States of America can apply online for a short-stay eVisa through eCitizen ( For complete information on your country and how to apply for visa online, please visit

Connection to Kisumu The port of entry for international flights is Nairobi, arriving at Gate 1A (International Arrivals). Pick up your luggage before exiting the terminal. Domestic flights are boarded through Gate 1D, right across from Gate 1A. Kisumu is a 30-40-minute flight from Nairobi. There will be a ‘RHAY Conference Information Desk’ at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi and Kisumu International Airport to provide information on domestic transfers, hotel transfers, and overnight stay in Nairobi for those arriving late (the last flight to Kisumu leaves at about 6pm).

Daily transport to/from the venue There will be official conference buses picking up and dropping off delegates between hotels and conference venue.

Health Kisumu is a malaria endemic city therefore all hotels have insecticide treated mosquito nets. However, you are advised to see your doctor for malaria prophylaxis before you travel. Also, insist of bottled water especially from known brands. The conference staff will be at hand to advise on what is safe and what is not. In addition, there will be an ambulance and a clinic on site in case of emergency; a large hospital (Kisumu Specialists Hospital; is a few meters away from the conference venue.

Security Kisumu is generally a secure city. However, like any other city, walking alone in the evenings and at night is not advisable. Always walk in groups and have a local person accompany you. The conference will engage a male and female Chaperone in each hotel to support AYP and ensure they are safe. At the Conference venue, arrangements have been made for general guards and plain-clothes policemen to patrol the premises during sessions that end late, and ensure delegates arrive safely in their hotels. There is also a police station meters away from the venue.

Weather Typical June weather in Kisumu is sunny, with occasional light showers. Evenings can be a little chilly, especially for hotels on the outskirts of Kisumu; warm clothes advised.

Attraction/educational sites Kisumu Impala Sanctuary (home to the rare Sitatunga antelope and impalas –; Ndere Island National Park (a haven for hippos, waterbucks, crocodiles and impalas; also great for bird lovers: African fish eagles, black headed gonoleks and grey headed kingfishers –; NIGEE’s Girls’ Empowerment Center (come see girls empowerment through vocational training – Also, make a point to visit the lakeside (water front) to eat fresh tilapia selected by you, and prepared the way you want ‘while you watch’.